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  • Throttle Potentiometers (Throttle Pots)
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    Displaying 1-76 of 76 Items
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    Monster Scooter Parts has the correct replacement scooter throttle pot for most scooter models. If your scooter potentiometer is worn out or malfunctioning, look through our listings below. Note that many throttle pots for scooters look very similar but may not be interchangeable.

    We offer scooter potentiometer assemblies for the ActiveCare, Invacare, Pride Mobility, Rascal, Ranger, and Shoprider brands. As an authorized parts dealer, you can be sure that a new scooter throttle pot from Monster Scooter Parts is the correct factory-fresh replacement. If you do not see the part you need, then call or email us. We are adding more throttle pots for scooters all the time.

    At Monster Scooter Parts we listen to our customers. All of us are concerned about the rising cost of mobility supplies, so we decided to provide you with as many low-cost options as we can. Many of our throttle pots listed below are now available in either an OEM "with harness" configuration, complete with the wires and connector; or as just the potentiometer by itself without the ancillary parts. For those who can splice a wire, this "without harness" version may be the best, most economical way to keep your scooter mobile while saving money.