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12 Volt 12V30 Scooter & Motorcycle Battery
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Monster Scooter Parts has the scooter battery that you need. We stock a large variety of motor scooter batteries suitable for just about every brand of gas-powered, street legal scooter available. Whether you require the ubiquitous YTX4L-BS battery, or another 50cc scooter battery for a current model Honda, or a vintage classic undergoing a loving restoration, you can be sure to find just the right scooter battery that you need.

Most modern scooters take a 12 volt motorcycle battery, and Monster Scooter Parts offers these in the most popular amperage capacities. Many of our Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) items are available in either a convenient Sealed Lead Acid (SLA), or a Dry Charged configuration. Both of these AGM types are top-quality batteries from some of the very best brands in the business.

In addition, we also offer lightweight and long lasting Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), the cutting edge in battery technology. Just find your 50cc scooter battery, your YTX4L-BS battery, or another selection from our well-stocked range of AGM or Lithium batteries from the selections listed below.

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