Mini Bike Kits
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There are few things as satisfying as building your own retro-style old school mini bike. Back in the proverbial day, garage mechanics might weld up a mini bike frame or choose from the few available mini bike kits and build their own quick, dirty, and cheap mini bikes. At Monster Scooter Parts, we look back on those days fondly. With a renewed interest in classic mini bike style, we offer a selection of mini bike kits for those of you who want the pride and satisfaction of building and customizing your own bike.

Every good mini bike starts with a good mini bike frame. We take the hard part of of the process with the pre-welded frames that either come in a kit with the other parts, or as a separate item. The choice is yours. Our mini bike kits usually include everything the builder or mechanic needs other than the engine and clutch assemblies. Of course we can supply those too if you need them.

If one of those mass produced cheap mini bikes from those big box department stores isn't for you, then perhaps one of Monster Scooter Parts' mini bike kits combined with a little bit of DIY know-how is the perfect way to go.