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  • Kick Scooter Accessories
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    Laser Streamers
    Pink Laser Streamers
    Windmill Streamers
    Waving Bear Bell
    Compass Bell
    Mini Condor Horn
    10" Trumpet Horn
    Displaying 1-96 of 120 Items
    1 - 2
    Kick scooter accessories are some of the most fun items we sell at Monster Scooter Parts. Even a simple scooter accessory like a handlebar mounted squeaky horn or ring-a-ding bell can enhance the rider's personal style. Monster Scooter Parts offers the very best selection of useful, convenient, or just off the wall kick scooter accessories. We also carry body protection scooter accessories such as helmets, gloves, elbow and knee guards.

    Kick scooters and their casterboard cousins are among the most personal of self propelled, foot-powered vehicles. Whether a it's a kid's Saturday afternoon recreation to tear up the suburban sidewalks, or a student's convenient mode of on-campus transport; these self-propelled vehicles are enjoying enormous popularity.

    Monster Scooter Parts has some parts and scooter accessories that do not fall neatly into any of the other scooter parts categories. If you love scooters like Monster Scooter Parts loves scooters, you will want to check our scooter accessory pages back frequently just to see what other treasures we have found for you. We want to be your source for kick scooter accessories and parts.