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  • Joystick Controllers
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    Displaying 1-45 of 45 Items
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    A new or rebuilt power chair joystick is one of the most important items that we sell. Functioning as the user interface between the power chair operator and their mobility chair, a high-quality Invacare or Pride joystick controller is a combination of driver's dashboard and keyboard. Our off the shelf joystick controllers can be mounted on either side of the power chair.

    One of the most significant advancements in personal mobility technology has been the adaption of the gimbaled joystick controller for electric wheelchairs. The immeasurable benefits of enhanced mobility and independence have made the electronic joystick almost as much of a necessity to millions of people as is the oxygen they breathe or the food they eat. Monster Scooter Parts offers our customers both brand new factory OEM units from the major manufacturers, as well as top-notch aftermarket units made by Dynamic, Q-Logic, and other respected joystick manufacturers.

    Amazing Historical Trivia!
    The modern power chair joystick actually had its origins a century ago with the famous French pioneer of aviation, Louis Blériot. Not only did the brilliant Mssr. Blériot invent the first practical monoplane; he was the first aviator to fly his fabric, wood and wire contraption across the English Channel. Faced with a bewildering collection of wires and levers that made up the early aeroplane controls of his time, Blériot simplified this complicated state of affairs with a single stick --the first true joystick-- to control both the aeroplane's pitch and roll. His system was quickly adopted by almost every aeronautical designer, and has been with us in ever increasing sophistication and applications to this day.