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A vehicle lift (also known as a scooter lift, power chair lift, or wheelchair lift) is an essential piece of equipment for those who need to use their mobility products away from home. All vehicle lifts are designed to quickly and easily raise a mobility scooter, power chair or wheelchair onto a motor vehicle, and then lower the scooter back onto the ground on arrival at the destination. Think of a scooter or wheelchair lift as a miniature crane or freight elevator that attaches to a van.

Vehicle lifts can be divided into two main types; the interior lift that places the scooter inside of a van or SUV, and the exterior or platform lift that cradles the scooter or chair on a platform usually mounted on the rear of the motor vehicle. Determining factors involved in choosing the right scooter lift are the scooter's weight and wheelbase size. Other concerns are exposure to the elements or roll-on/roll-off direction. Some platform-style vehicle lifts allow access to and from either side of the platform.