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  • Handlebars
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    Displaying 1-10 of 10 Items
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    The motor scooter handlebar is a necessary replacement part if you really want to add the flair of distinction to your machine. Like their bicyle cousins, street scooter handlebars are often no more than a 7/8" chrome tube that has been jig-bent into the right pleasing contour. Some designs like the ever-popular low-slung Clubman style can be mounted upside down or rightside up if you so please. She's your scooter to customize your way!

    Monster Scooter Parts is increasing the motor scooter handlebar selections, and we will be adding more to come. Don't forget that street scooter handlebars are more than just chrome-plated steel rods, and we also offer the ancillary posts, stands, bar-ends and clamps that you will need.

    By the way; no self-respecting Clubman handlebar is complete without a new set of grips and mirrors.