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  • Fuel Tanks & Caps
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    Universal Gas Cap
    $ 3 99
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    Monster Scooter Parts carries an assortment of scooter gas tank caps and gas tanks for many sizes of scooters. Many of these gas caps for scooters are universal in nature and are used on many engine size scooters; ranging from 50cc, 125cc, 150cc, to 250cc scooter engine sizes. We are also proud to offer a number of factory OEM gas caps for the popular Baja brand scooters.

    Our generic fuel tanks can be adapted to fit the requirements of many small engines, and are priced right for a perfect custom-built machine of your design.

    Please check the inner and outer dimensions of these gas tank caps prior to ordering. Tight-fitting fuel caps for scooters are an often overlooked necessity, but at our low prices you cannot afford to have ill-fitting gas caps.