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    When the time comes to replace your kick scooter inner tubes Monster Scooter Parts has a selection of street and mountain kick scooter tire tubes to fit your model. Inner tubes for kick scooter tires are no different than those used in other recreational and off-road applications. The primary difference is the size; and your local big box department store or bicycle shop may not stock some of the more esoteric examples.

    For years Monster Scooter Parts has been offering a huge variety of common (and not so common) tubes for scooter tires, dirt bikes, go karts, pocket bikes, electric hybrid bicycles, and even wheelchairs. With our vast inventory and subject knowledge, we can get you the tubes you want at the best prices around.

    Remember that when you are inflating your kick scooter inner tubes, please use your best judgment. The recommended PSI for an inner tube can vary depending on elevation and air pressure, and should not be taken as absolute. For instance the same pressure that gives you the most efficient ride on a sea level beach town's boardwalk may be too great for those same kick scooter tire tubes at a Denver or Santa Fe altitude. In other words, when filling the pneumatic inner tubes for kick scooter tires, you should depend more on the "feel" of your tubes rather than strictly going by the gauge on your air pump.