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  • Kick Scooter Parts
    If you are looking for kick scooter parts, we offer parts for kick scooters and caster boards such as the famous Razor scooter and many other models and brands. We have both OEM Razor scooter parts and some of the best aftermarket kick scooter parts, including colorful handlebar grips, the right size wheel assemblies, and bearings to keep you rolling. In addition, there are handlebar "ring-a-ding" bells, cute novelty horns, elbow and knee guards, helmets and other kick scooter accessories and equipment to dress up your scooter style.

    Monster Scooter Parts carries replacement Razor scooter parts for their kick scooters, RipStik® casterboards, and PowerWings. We also offer replacement and accessory parts for kick scooters from Diggler, Fuzion, Micro, Pulse, Rockboard, Royal, and other brands. We offer kick scooter parts for everything from the smaller entry-level kids' models to full-sized kickboards and mountain scooters (!) designed for the adult rider. Look for your scooter in the list of brands and models listed below, and if you don't see what you want you can call or email us with your needs. Keep checking back as we plan to add many more scooter brands, models, and compatible kick scooter parts in the near future.

    Judging from contemporary illustrations, the kick scooter has had a very long, if largely undocumented history. Two hundred years ago kids were playing on early wooden versions complete with handmade wooden wheels. Still later kick scooters could be built at home using an old steel-wheeled roller skate, a pine 2X4 and a bit of metal conduit pipe with a T-joint. Over the years various kinds of kick scooters came and went in popularity, along with yo-yos, hula-hoops, and slinkies. But unlike some other faddish toys, the kick scooter (sometimes called a "kickboard") never totally died out as each new generation rediscovered and reinvented them, seemingly from scratch.

    The modern folding aluminum kick scooter made its dramatic debut in the last years of the 20th Century with the Swiss Micro Original Scooters. Almost concurrently, JDBug began marketing the now-famous Razor scooter. A decade later, Razor is still the premier designer and manufacturer of kick scooters in the world. No longer just for kids, adult-sized scooters are being discovered by urban commuters needing to travel down the sidewalk a bit farther than an easy fast walk. An advantage of the folding scooter over the bicycle is the scooter takes up very little space. The office worker or messenger can simply fold the kick scooter up and carry it into a building.