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  • Push-Button Reset Circuit Breakers
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    Displaying 1-15 of 15 Items
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    Panel mounted push-button circuit breakers (aka “scooter breakers”) are found on almost all electric scooters, pocket bikes, go-karts, and dirt bikes. A scooter breaker is a safety device to protect the scooter’s electric motor from abnormal electrical overloads and subsequent damage from overheating. Often overlooked but easy to install and relatively inexpensive, a push-button reset circuit breaker should be immediately replaced when broken, damaged, or corroded.

    We carry an assortment of scooter breakers in different amp ratings to match your requirements. We carry 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 amp circuit breakers at competitive prices. Our Premium breakers sport a threaded metal shaft and lock collar. In addition, all of our push-button resets come with a dust and moisture resistant clear plastic boot cover.

    No matter if it's a large item like an electric motor, or as small as one of our panel mounted push-button circuit breakers, we're always here for you with the top-quality scooter parts that you need.