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Rubber Pedal
$ 24 99
747 Bear Trap Pedals
$ 29 99
Alloy Sport Pedals
$ 14 99
ATB Plastic Pedals
$ 5 99
Barefoot Cruiser Pedals
$ 11 99
Cruiser 990 Pedals
$ 13 99
Displaying 1-35 of 35 Items
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What good is a bike without a pair of bicycle pedals? If you need a new set of bike pedals, then Monster Scooter Parts can quickly get you pedaling again. We offer a great selection cruiser pedals, mountain bike pedals, toe clip pedals, and much more.

We offer OEM Currie as well as a very large selection of top-quality aftermarket bicycle parts and accessories such as these excellent bike pedals. Take a look through our collection of Sunlite bicycle pedals to find just what you need to hang off of your sprocket cranks. Monster Scooter Parts is your source for the best beach cruiser, road bike, and mountain bike pedals to be found anywhere.

Amazing Historical Trivia!
Many people don't know that a left-foot pedal always uses a reversed thread from that of the right-foot pedal. The reason is almost a no-brainer; if they were both the same, the rotation that would tighten the threads on one side would loosen the threads on the other side. What is even less commonly known is that this simple system was the invention of two brothers in Dayton Ohio, Orville & Wilbur Wright. Yes, THOSE Wright brothers.