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  • Sprockets for Go-Karts
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    Displaying 1-5 of 5 Items
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    The go-kart sprocket is an item that is usually quickly and easily replaced. Go-Kart sprockets designed to be used hard on uneven, unpaved surfaces. Unfortunately chipped and broken sprocket teeth or bent sprocket discs are the normal hazards in the life of a well-used and greatly enjoyed go-kart or dune buggy. When these minor catastrophes occur, we are here for you with top-quality replacement sprockets for go-karts that will get your favorite go-kart or dune buggy rolling along.

    Note: Today's typical go-kart uses a sprocket made for #35 or #40/41/420 chain. In addition, many custom or garage-built projects may use other sizes such as the 8 mm or #25 chain with their 47cc to 50cc class gasoline engines. We offer sprockets for go-karts to fit these common model sizes as well as a few generic items for the home powersports builder. Please look through our list of go-kart sprocket types below. We take immense pride in being your source for go-kart parts and accessories.

    If you don't see the sprocket that you need on this page you may want to see our ATV & Dirt Bike Sprockets page for more examples.