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    Displaying 1-19 of 19 Items
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    Even in this era of the tubeless tire, most electric scooter tires (and many gas scooter tires as well) remain perennial favorites with riders who prefer the softer, smoother ride of shock-absorbing pneumatic wheels. Scooter inner tubes are still popular with ATV and dirt bike owners who love to get down and play in the mud.

    Monster Scooter Parts makes selecting pneumatic tires and tubes easy with our combination tire and tube sets. We have selected our most requested gas and electric scooter tires and paired them with the correct (and often difficult to find) tubes, and offer them as a single combo item. This way you save money and we sell more scooter inner tubes and tires. Look through the list of electric and gas scooter tires to find the right one for your scooter.

    When inflating your inner tube, please use your best judgment. The recommended PSI for an inner tube can vary depending on elevation and air pressure, and should not be taken as absolute.