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  • Speed Potentiometers & Knobs
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    Displaying 1-48 of 48 Items
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    A speed potentiometer, also known as a speed pot or rabbit/turtle dial, is used to adjust the maximum speed at which your scooter can operated.

    In a world of sophisticated digital electronics, the humble analog speed potentiometer (or speed pot) still holds its own as the best device for controlling the volume of a low level current. Functioning in the very same manner as a lighting dimmer switch or radio volume control, (which are themselves other potentiometer applications), the speed pot on a mobility scooter or power chair is a monument to the philosophy of keeping things simple. As a result, the speed potentiometer remains an inexpensive and easily replaced part.

    Monster Scooter Parts carries speed pots for popular scooter and power chair brands including; Drive Medical, Invacare, Pride Mobility, Quickie, Rascal and others. In addition, we also offer an array of the knobs to fit the rabbit/turtle dial on your electric mobility vehicle.

    Please select from the categories below, and be sure to check your scooter's model with the potentiometer's Compatibility tab.