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Monster Scooter Parts offers a wide range of bicycle parts such as inner tubes, tires, handlebar grips, and more. Look through our lists of bike parts and bicycle accessories to find some of the most innovative and practical items in our inventory. Of special note is our selection of electric bike parts; including electric bike conversion kits, lithium battery packs, and hub motors.

Don't forget to check out our growing collection of bicycle accessories to find just the right ancillary items to make your ride more enjoyable. Although we haven't yet changed our name to Monster Bicycle Parts, Monster Scooter Parts still wants to be your favorite spot for bike parts and accessories.

The humble bicycle has been a ubiquitous form of personal transportation around the world since the days of the Velocipede. Bikes have long been a common form of daily transportation in many parts of the world, however it is only with the rise of eco-consciousness that the bicycle is beginning to come into its own as a dependable and serious vehicle suitable for the American adult. Freedom from the pollution belching demands of the internal combustion engine isn't the only benefit the bike has for the urban commuter. Saying good-bye to ever-rising parking fees and growing rush hour gridlock snarls is its own reward as well. Efficient and environmentally friendly, the bikes for recreation or daily transportation for the urban commuter wishing for a minimal carbon footprint have come of age at just the right time.

Although not a recent invention, the electric bicycle (or e-bike) has exploded in global popularity with the development of lightweight, efficient, and eco-friendly lithium batteries.