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    13x6.50-6 Scooter Tube
    $ 14 99
    2.50-8 Power Chair Tube
    $ 12 99
    Inner Tube Valve Extender
    $ 4 99
    Displaying 1-36 of 36 Items
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    Why use a scooter tube? Inner tubes for scooters may sound like an anachronism in this age of the solid urethane tire, but many riders prefer the better traction and smoothness of ride that a pneumatic mobility inner tube provides. Additionally, many mobility users find that a tubed tire is easier to replace, and is usually a better value for their money.

    Monster Scooter Parts offers a large selection of power chair and scooter tube sizes to fit most every scooter's pneumatic tires. We also stock solid inserts for dependable, durable, flat-free, and worry-free performance. We also offer a selection of tubes and mobility tire inserts for virtually every model of mobility scooters and power chairs.If you do not see the mobility inner tube size that you need, please call or email us.