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  • Wiring Harnesses & Connectors
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    Displaying 1-20 of 20 Items
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    Replacing a scooter wiring harness for your scooter doesn't have to be a frustrating experience. Monster Scooter Parts sells the right replacement scooter battery connectors and the other scooter wiring and fittings that your scooter needs.

    A good scooter battery is only as good as the connectors and wiring that puts the electric go-juice where you want it, without sparking, shorting, or blowing out your light bulbs. Most modern recreational scooters are tough little machines made for hard riding fun, but the scooter wiring is often the weakest link in their system. Depending on their use, many electric scooters could use a new set of scooter battery connectors and wires.

    Let Monster Scooter Parts help you keep scootin' with a replacement scooter wiring harness or connector.