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  • Battery Chargers
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    XLR-to-Coaxial Adapter
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    Are you having trouble finding the right replacement electric scooter charger? Monster Scooter Parts makes it easy to shop for a new scooter battery charger. We have a world-class inventory of 12 and 24 volt charger models available for just about every battery-powered recreational scooter made. We even have a good selection of 36 volt charger models for those big scooters running on a three battery system.

    Our charger selections are organized into categories according to their connectors. First you need to match your electric scooter charger end connector with one of the category images below. The 3-Pin, 3-Prong, and XLR types are by far the most commonly found on today's popular scooter models, although other connector types are still being used by many brands and models. These category pages will list the scooter battery charger selections by voltage, amp output, and manufacturer.

    Selecting the right Modified 3-Pin for a Mongoose, or 24 volt charger for an IZIP e-bike has never been so easy as it is with Monster Scooter Parts.