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    Do you need a replacement wheelchair armrest? Monster Scooter Parts is proud to offer a wide variety of wheelchair armrests that will work on many brands and models. As durable as they are, well used armrests for wheelchairs are often the first items in need of replacement. They take a lot of wear and tear; the myriad of scuffs and scrapes along the sides of a well used armrest will bear witness to its ability to absorb the punishment of daily use.

    Please note that a wheelchair armrest is usually available in two different lengths. Commonly referred to as "desk length" (short) or "full length" (long), these are interchangeable to suit the needs of the operator. The shorter desk length are designed to allow the user to get closer to their desk or table and are generally between 8 to 10" long. The longer full length wheelchair armrests are preferred by many users with wrist issues as they provide better lower arm support. Because many people use a desk length on one side, and a full length armrest on the other; our wheelchair armrests are sold singly. This way you can "mix or match" to suit your individual preference.

    The other determining factor in choosing correct armrests for wheelchairs is hole placement. In most cases, you can simply measure the distance between mounting screws and select the armrest that matches.