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  • Computers for Bikes
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    Bicycle Computer Mount
    $ 3 99
    Light/Computer Mount
    $ 29 99
    BC 16.12 Wired Bike Computer
    $ 49 99
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    Are you looking for a bike computer? Also known as a cyclocomputer, today's min-computers and heart rate monitor models are essential gear for many riders. Data such as average speed, maximum speed, miles traveled, and other useful knowledge is right at the cyclist's fingertips.

    Bike computers can be roughly categorized as wired or wireless. Wired computers use a magnetic sensor with a wire that sends its data to the handlebar mounted display unit. These wired cyclocomputer models are usually lighter, easier to use, and less expensive than wireless types. A wireless bike computer on the other hand may be heavier and more expensive, but it will usually be easier to install.

    The accessory and ancillary parts for bike computers include mounts, wiring harness, speed and cadence (or CAD) sensors, or other products. A heart rate monitor is a specialized sensor designed for the bicyclist that straps right to the user's arm.

    Whichever style you choose, Monster Scooter Parts has numerous examples from some of the best known brands including CatEye, Planet Bike, Sigma, Origin8, and others. Look through our selection of computers for bikes and find the one that best suits your individual needs. At Monster Scooter Parts, we want to be your go-to source for the very best bike parts and accessories.