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Child Carriers & Baby Seats for Bikes
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Displaying 1-11 of 11 Items
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A bike child carrier (or baby carrier) is the perfect way to introduce any small child from one to four years old to the joys of cycling. As a new world opens up for the little rider from their baby bike seat, the adult remains in full control. Today's bike child seat is a blend of safety, convenience, recreation, and economy. Monster Scooter Parts carries several top-quality baby bike seat models in both the innovative front-mount and perennially popular rear rack style. We have child carriers from iBert, Sunlite, and Topeak; three of the most popular and trusted brands of baby carriers.

Please refer to the list of baby carrier models below to find the child carrier that best suits your family's unique requirements. We also offer additional racks and mounting bars for our bike child carrier styles. If you only have one toddler to tote, but more than one adult bike to mount a carrier on, an extra rack is an inexpensive way to share the fun.

Note: Monster Scooter Parts also offers a variety of Bike Trailers & Trailer Bikes to those parents who prefer that style. Whether you select a bike child seat or a trailer style child carrier, you can find the best equipment to take your youngest cyclists along for the ride.