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Bike Trailers & Trailer Bikes
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Displaying 1-14 of 14 Items
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If you are looking for a bike trailer, you have come to the right page. Monster Scooter Parts offers a variety of bike trailers and trailer bike models to suit most cyclists' needs and budgets.

Bike Trailer or Trailer Bike, now I'm confused.
With these bicycle accessories, as with many other things, nomenclature can be confusing to the novice. Generally speaking; bike trailers can refer to anything that is towed (or "trailed") behind a bicycle. Cargo trailers, bicycle trailers for kids, convertible stroller-trailers, even lilliputian-sized campers for those cyclists who like roughing it away from the comforts of civilization; all of these may be rightfully called bike trailers.

The trailer bike is a more recent invention. Trailer bikes are single-wheeled kid-sized "half-bikes" that are attached to a full-sized bicycle's seat post. Trailer bikes are usually equipped with their own handlebar, pedals, and chain-drive system. One very clever design, the Trail-Gator tow bar, converts any 2-wheel kid's bike into a towed trailer bike.

Note: Monster Scooter Parts also offers a variety of Child Carriers & Baby Seats to those parents who prefer a frame or rack-mounted baby seat style. Whether you select a bike child seat or one of our trailer style child carriers, you can always find the best equipment for taking your youngest cyclists along for the ride when you shop at Monster Scooter Parts.