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  • Brake Rotors (Discs)
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    Displaying 1-10 of 10 Items
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    The scooter brake disc, (or rotor), is the essential part in the most effective braking system available for today's scooter. Because of the rotor’s perforated design, the superior stopping power of scooter disc brakes is not compromised by water on the scooter brake disc. Though scooter disc brakes are a relatively maintenance-free item, the scooter brake disc is sometimes susceptible to impact damage and should then be replaced.

    A scooter brake disc may come in one of several types and sizes. Simply match up the outside diameter and number of mounting holes to find the correct replacement rotor for your scooter disc brakes.

    Note: Although some people may still refer to this system a “scooter disk [sic] brake”, modern usage suggests the preferred spelling “disc” as the correct one.