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  • 36 Volt Battery Packs
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    Displaying 1-11 of 11 Items
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    Monster Scooter Parts has the very best quality, heavy duty, and maintenance free Ebike 36V battery that you need. An new OEM, Premium, or Custom 36V bike battery or 36 volt scooter battery pack from MSP can restore that “factory new” rapid acceleration to your ebike or scooter.

    The OEM Ebike 36V battery battery typically comes from the scooter manufacturer with a wiring harness for a "plug and play" fit.

    A Premium 36V bike battery or 36 volt scooter battery pack is a high quality battery manufactured to the same (OR BETTER!) specifications as OEM batteries and sold at a lower price for a better value. Premium batteries typically do not include a wiring harness, but can be easily connected to your scooter or ebike by re-using the wiring from your old batteries.

    Our Custom battery packs are premium batteries packaged with a wiring harness for an OEM plug and play fit. Premium brands may be our MSP brand, Rhino, Universal Battery, or MK Battery.