Mister Smiley ABS Valve Stem Cap Cover
Item: E41-9822
Mister Smiley ABS Valve Stem Cap Cover
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"Wazzup Smiley?"

Everybody needs a Mister Smiley ABS valve stem cap cover on their bike and scooter tires! This handy and useful little Smiley is a 3/4" ball of yellow happiness that replaces that common old black plastic cap on your tire's Schrader valve.

It fits every common valve on every common inner tube out there. Electric bikes, gas or electric recreational scooters, motor scooters, motorcycles, even mobility scooters and power chairs could use Mister Smiley's little dash of yellow cheer.

At Monster Scooter Parts, we search the globe to bring you some of the most unique scooter accessories that can we can. A Mister Smiley ABS valve cap cover may not be the most necessary scooter accessory of the year, but it may just be the perfect accouterment to your personal scootin' style.

Note: If you prefer something a bit more grim & ghastly, consider festooning your scooter wheels with our menacing Skull & Bones Inner Tube Valve Cap. Either way, these novelty valve caps are sure to turn a few heads.