Keypad for 4 Key VSI Joystick Controllers
Item: S73-8062
Shoprider: P75736
Merits: P75736
Pride Mobility: RECPART1071
Keypad for 4 Key VSI Joystick Controllers
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Product Features
  • Four keys (buttons)
  • Two meter displays
  • Used on many brands & models
  • Warranty: 30 Days
  • Description
    Replacement joystick keypad used with 4 key VSI joystick controllers made by PG Drives Technology. This is one of the most commonly used keypads on joysticks for a variety of power chair makes and models, including Jazzy and Jet power chairs made by Pride Mobility. It is also used with a variety of Hoveround© and Shoprider power chair models, among others.

    This 4 key VSI joystick keypad includes the following keys:
  • Battery condition meter
  • On/off key
  • Speed/profile increase key
  • Horn key
  • Speed/profile decrease key
  • Maximum speed/profile indicator

  • Installation Instructions:
    1. Ensure the wheelchair power is turned off.
    2. Pull the gray collar back and disconnect the joystick cable from the joystick.
    3. Peel up and remove the existing, damaged keypad from the joystick face plate.
    4. Inspect the joystick contacts, face plate, and joystick housing for corrosion and/or damage.
    5. Using an alcohol prep pad, remove any adhesive from the joystick face plate.
    6. Ensure no adhesive remains around the rim of the joystick face plate.
    7. Gently remove any adhesive that may have collected in the lighting or contact cutouts of the joystick face plate.
    8. After cleaning, set the joystick aside for ten minutes to allow all alcohol to evaporate from the joystick face plate.
    9. Inspect once more for adhesive lumps or residue. If necessary, repeat steps 5-8 to clean the joystick face again if adhesive is present.
    10. Remove the backing from the new keypad.
    11. Align the bottom edge of the keypad with the bottom edge of the joystick face plate. Ensure the keypad is properly aligned with the joystick face plate before installing. The overlay is not repositionable.
    12. Working from the bottom up, gently press the keypad completely into the joystick face plate.
    13. Firmly press the keypad into the joystick face plate ensuring proper seal between the adhesive and joystick face plate.
    14. Ensure the keypad is completely seated into the joystick face plate and no air pockets or ripples are present around the edge of the keypad.
    15. Connect the joystick cable to the joystick.
    16. Turn on wheelchair power and test the joystick functions.
    17. If the joystick does not function properly, you may have a faulty joystick.

    Product Reviews
    5 out of 5 stars based on 18 reviews:
    from Percy C4/20/18
    from Julio R4/17/18
    from Alice P3/18/18
    from Bobbi W2/23/18
    This was really a life saver. Thanks for your wide selection of products.
    from Margaret B2/4/18
    Key pad was just what I needed and worked perfectly. It was very easy to put on chair.
    from Karen M1/6/18
    My dad's control pad on/off button had worn out. I thought I would need to replace the entire $500 assembly. I did a search on replacement parts and Monster Scooter popped up. They had the exact piece I needed at a fraction of the cost! Thank you Monster Scooter Parts!!!
    from Joy B12/23/17
    from Hermie S12/14/17
    Excellent .. thank you guy!!!
    from Gina P11/3/17
    from Carle B11/2/17
    Worked perfectly and easy to install.
    from Gary D10/31/17
    from Tom H10/14/17
    Very fast service!
    from Jeffery H9/19/17
    exactly what i was looking for, and it works great
    from Dina T8/19/17
    from Andre D8/11/17
    keypad fits perfect.
    from Michael B.7/5/17
    It works so much better the pad I received for my jet 2 hd scooter
    from Winston M5/12/17
    from Jeremy R4/27/17