USB Charging Adapter for Scooters and Power Chairs
Item: F79-8728
USB Charging Adapter for Scooters and Power Chairs
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Product Features
  • Charge your devices right on your scooter
  • Exceptionally handy & useful
  • 12 volts - 24 volts input
  • 5 volts 1.0 amp output
  • Warranty: 30 Days
  • Description
    Note: The XLR to USB connection is meant to only be used when your scooter or power chair is stationary, and not in motion. In addition; the USB adapter is not recommended for 36 volt or higher systems.

    Never again be stuck with a dead battery in your phone, iPod, tablet, or other electronic devices. Charge your electronic devices directly from your scooter or power chair's charging port with the Alvey USB Charging Adapter, sold exclusively at Monster Scooter Parts.

    Every so often a new and innovative product comes onto the market that causes people to say "Hey, why didn't I think of that!" The Alvey USB Charging Adapter is certainly a prime candidate for that rare distinction. The XLR to USB connection is such a no-brainer; we are frankly surprised that the USB adapter is not in as widespread use as might be expected.

    The beauty is in its simplicity; just plug the adapter into the XLR port on your scooter or power chair, and use your 12 or 24 volt batteries to power your USB device. The unique space-saving XLR to USB design will quickly recharge the small batteries that provide the electric power the ubiquitous devices that have become necessary in today's world.

    The Alvey XLR USB Charging Adapter can be used with your:

  • Smartphones
  • iPhone
  • iPad, Kindle, and other tablets
  • iPods and MP3 devices
  • GPS
  • Blackberry
  • And just about any other USB device.

  • Monster Scooter Parts continues to bring our customers the very finest products at the best price in town, and the Alvey XLR to USB Charging Adapter may just be one of the handiest and most useful little items that we have ever found.
    Model: 27430
    XLR connector: Male
    USB connector: Female
    Input: 12 volts - 24 volts only
    Output: 5 volts, 1 amp
    Length: 4-1/4"
    LED indicator light: Yes

    XLR Connector Polarity
    Product Reviews
    4.3 out of 5 stars based on 17 reviews:
    from Tara W7/8/18
    from Richard D5/19/18
    Awesome idea. Just wish the scooter would still operate while the device is plugged in.
    from Ron B1/14/18
    works as advertised
    from Mark L11/5/17
    Great little charger for my phone!
    from Mark M9/8/17
    from Hillary M9/4/17
    It does charge my phone I cannot reach the plug in when sitting in my chair so cannot charge my phone while waiting for my access van so cannot charge my when I'm on the go Be aware you can't move your chair and chair your phone
    Response from Monster Scooter Parts:
    I am sorry to hear you are unhappy with the USB charging adapter. I wanted to let you know that we offer an extension kit which would make it easier to connect and disconnect while waiting for the access van. You can find this extension kit at the following link. Please let us know if you have any questions.
    from Lisa H8/29/17
    The product is great but your service is even better!
    from Rene V8/29/17
    I didn't realize that that wheelchair is not operational why you charging the phone it defeats the object. I was expecting to charge the phone while I'm driving. I basically wasted my money on something that was so stupidly designed
    Response from Monster Scooter Parts:
    I am sorry to hear that your disappointment in the item. There is a note on the item page that states "Please note that the XLR to USB charging adapter is meant to only be used when your scooter is stationary, and not in motion." You are welcome to return the item for credit if it is still in new unused condition.
    from Tony L7/24/17
    Great for charging your phone but you can't drive while you're using it
    from Donald W7/24/17
    from Clarence L7/23/17
    from Dawson C7/22/17
    Works as advertised. Well built. It only outputs 5 volts at 1 amp, not the newer 2,0 amp output. Despite that it still is a very useful accessory because it works with 24 volts and plugs into the XLR charging port.
    from Robert T5/26/17
    This device is fantastic. It charges from empty to full in just a couple of hours. It will NOT work while mobility scooter is in use. If you use your cell phone a lot I strongly tecommend it.
    from Steven S5/15/17
    Great idea. Works well and gives me the ability to charge my device while on the move.
    from All Good4/24/17
    This helps out a lot when I am traveling. Why is there never a promo code?? Start giving out promo codes thank you
    from Barney R.4/10/17
    Worked great to keep my iPhone charged while using my Go-Go scooter!
    from Patric S3/16/17
    I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase. I've purchased parts from other companies that arrived here ready to install, but when I installed them they fell apart,or I'd get the short end of the stick,and order something that was supposed to be a universal part and it wouldn't even work for my chair. This part works perfectly and is a universal piece that will make anyone happy and proud to have and use it. And this piece is truly universal.