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  • 24 Volt 300 Watt Motor, Controller, & Throttle Kit

    Item: X98-1063

    24 Volt 300 Watt Motor, Controller, & Throttle Kit

    Item: X98-1063
    Throttle: Select Throttle
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    24 volt 300 watt motor, controller, & throttle kit.

    24 Volt 300 Watt Motor with 11 Tooth #25 Chain Sprocket (MY1016) This motor is manufactured by Unite Motor, model MY1016, and is capable of rotation in either the clockwise or counterclockwise direction by reversing the motor's power wires.

    T53-6119 (Full Grip Throttle)
    Hand Throttle with 3 Wires
    Electric scooter, pocket bike, and dirt bike 3 wire hand throttle. This is the most common type of throttle used on electric scooters.

    T53-6109 (Half Grip Throttle)

    Like the full throttle listed above, this three-wire hand throttle is typically used in a variety of electric scooter, pocket bike, and dirt bike applications. For situations where a half throttle would be more appropriate, we recommend this version of the kit.

    24 Volt 350 Watt Universal Speed & Voltage Controller
    Wiring Details:
    Red to Red
    Black to Black (or Yellow)
    Green (or Blue) to Green (or Blue or White)

    Note: All scooter controllers require a switch, (joined to the "Lock" connector on the controller wires), in order to complete the electrical circuit.

    Questions & Answers

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    I have a 20" Rad3GO electric motor bicycle. I want to purchase the handle bar throttle with a matching controller. It is an older model, I don't know what the motor is rated. The controller is labeled "Brush Controller" DKY-2415K. It has a plus/minus 24 input with a MTR plus/minus output to the motor. On the other end of the controller connections labeled A, B, - and +. I believe the handle bar throttle was replaced, but I don't believe it was a direct replacement. Any help would be greatly appreciated; this repair is a Christmas present. Ed Dreyer 321-724-9109
    Without knowing the wattage of the motor, it can be tricky to offer a definitively compatible throttle and controller bundle. If the unit uses a #25 chain and is 24-volts, then this bundle (Item: X98-1063) should be compatible. If the unit does not use a #25 chain and/or if it is not 24-volts, we would need to confirm the voltage, motor wattage and chain size to ensure compatibility of a replacement throttle and controller.


    MODEL: MY1016
    TYPE: Brush
    VOLTAGE: 24 Volt DC
    SPROCKET: #25 Chain
    OUTPUT: 350 Watts

    WIRE LENGTH: 61"

    Voltage: 24 Volts
    Current: 21 Amps maximum