Joystick Diagnostic Service
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You may be able to save hundreds of dollars with a power chair joystick repair, as compared to purchasing a factory new part. The first step to get your power chair up and running again is the Monster Scooter Parts diagnostic service. For select power chairs, this service is both convenient and affordable.

Joysticks are expensive items, even with Monster Scooter Parts' already low discount sale's price. Often a malfunctioning joystick can be overhauled and made like new at a far lower cost to the consumer compared to the price of the new item. However, before any repairs can be made; a complete diagnostic inspection must be performed on the faulty unit in order to correctly identify the problem.

Monster Scooter Parts offers this joystick diagnostic service for Hoveround©, Invacare, Jazzy, Jet, Pride Mobility, Shoprider, and many other brands of power chairs.