Brake Shoe Spring for Vintage Vespa Scooters
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Brake Shoe Spring for Vintage Vespa Scooters
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A small but necessary part; the front brake shoe spring for vintage Vespa 125 and 150 large frame scooters. This is the spring that provides the tension needed to release the brake shoes from their "engaged" position.

This spring will fit most vintage large frame Vespa 125 and 150 models with the manual transmission. Some of the more common Vespa types using this style brake shoe includes:
  • 1951-1954 Allstate
  • V5A/B Vespa 50
  • V9A Vespa 90
  • VBA 150
  • VBB 150
  • VBC 150 Super
  • VNC 125 Super
  • VMA Primavera 125
  • VMB ET3 125
  • VNA 125
  • VNB 125
Please refer to the Compatibility tab to find the correct models.

Note: two springs are required.

Pre-1981 Vespa Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN)
If you are unsure of the year and model of your vintage pre-1981 Vespa motor scooter, you can find this information with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on your scooter's chassis. All VIN numbers begin with the letter 'V'. The letters and numbers between 'V' and 'T' will give you the model number. Some of the large frame vintage Vespa models are identified simply by the 'V' plus the next two letters. Thus a Vespa GT 125 may also be known as a VNL, a PX 150 may be referred to as a VLX, and so forth. Use the link in the paragraph below to access the full range of Vespa VIN and model designations.

The numbers after 'T' are your scooters actual serial number. By matching your scooter's VIN with the chart table here you will find your correct model and year of manufacture.