Battery Recycling Pre-Paid Return Shipping
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Battery Recycling Pre-Paid Return Shipping
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  • This service is no longer available.
  • Warranty: 30 Days
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    Now when you purchase new batteries from Monster Scooter Parts you can prepay the return shipping of your old SLA batteries for recycling. To use our Battery Recycle Shipping Service, simply adjust the quantity box to show the number of old batteries that you are sending us, and then click the ADD TO CART button. Your shipping fee will be automatically added at checkout.

    Shipping Recycling Batteries to Monster Scooter Parts:
    Monster Scooter Parts will accept used SLA scooter batteries from our customers as long as they are correctly packaged. The best container to use to ship your old recyclable batteries is the same shipping box that you received with your new batteries. Additionally, we strongly recommend using the USPS Priority Flat Rate Box shipping method, as it is in our experience, the safest, most efficient, and cost effective way to send batteries.

    Please note that the shipping cost is for each battery box returned to us. Depending on battery size, from one to six batteries may be returned in a single USPS Priority Flat Rate box.

    Battery size: Per box:
    5 Ah 6
    7 Ah 4
    9 Ah 4
    10 Ah 4
    12 Ah 3
    18 Ah 1
    U1 1

    The shipping charge for a single U1 or 18Ah battery is the same as shipping six 5 Ah batteries.

    More than one 18 Ah or U1 battery will require a separate box and shipping charge for each battery. For example; a typical U1 battery pack (as used on many mobility scooters and power chairs) consists of two U1 batteries. You will need to change the Battery Recycle Shipping Quantity (QTY) box to 2 on the Checkout page in order to set the correct return shipping charge for a U1 or similar battery pack.

    We regret that we cannot accept batteries larger than 18 Ah or U1 at this time.

    Packaging Instructions:
    • Step 1: Carefully pack the batteries tightly and securely to prevent shifting inside the box.
    • Step 2: Seal the box securely.
    • Step 3: Label the outside of the box: "Non-Spillable Battery".
    • Step 4: Ship the properly packaged and labeled batteries to our recycler's address below: