48 Volt 5000 Watt Motor, Controller, and Throttle Kit
Golden Motor
Item: X98-1147
48 Volt 5000 Watt Motor, Controller, and Throttle Kit
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Save money when you purchase this great 48 Volt 5000 Watt motor, controller, & throttle kit. All of the top-quality items that make up this combination package are from Golden Motor Technology, and Monster Scooter Parts has bundled them together at one low price. This is a big kit for big projects; and with three throttle options to choose from, it's tailorable to your needs.

The 48 volt 5000 watt brushless DC motor from Golden Motor Technology Here is a robust electric powerhouse for electric vehicles such as go-karts, trikes, boats, golf carts... even small electric cars. With 5,000 (five thousand!) watts of power, this superlative motor has all of the energy you need.

We paired that big motor with this 48 Volt 360A 5000 Watt Brushless DC Motor Controller. This controller uses cutting edge technology that results in smooth and positive control. Common applications include electric vehicles, boats, and even industrial uses. Another field where these controllers and their associated 5000 watt motors are finding a home is in the realm of experimental robotics.

The controller unit includes the HPC controller wiring harness.

Throttle options:
T53-6172 (Hall Effect Foot Throttle) Our top quality Hall Effect foot throttle from Golden Motor Technology is the perfect throttle control for a custom electric go-kart, golf cart, electric boat, or car. Just about any small electric vehicle that demands precise motor control. The 2 lb. throttle features a water resistant, cast aluminum housing. If the concept of putting "the pedal to the metal" seemed a little ironic when using a handlebar-mounted throttle, then this Hall Effect foot throttle will rectify that.

T53-6179 (48 Volt Thumb Throttle for Brushless Electric Motors) If a thumb throttle better meets your requirements, then this high power thumb throttle is the way to go. Complete with an LED battery gauge and an accessory button.

T53-6180 (48 Volt Twist Grip Throttle for Brushless Electric Motors) This classic twist grip throttle also sports an LED battery gauge and an accessory button.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the Golden Motor 5000 Watt Wiring diagram.

Monster Scooter Parts lets you choose which throttle option works best for you. All of these parts are superior quality items from Golden Motor Technology, a recognized leader in the e-bike and small electric vehicle market. As a global leader in the scooter parts industry in our own right, Monster Scooter Parts takes pride in offering our customers these superlative Golden Motor Technology electric motor kits.