PZ30 Carburetor with 30 mm Intake & Hand Choke for 150cc, 200cc, & 250cc ATVs & Dirt Bikes
Item: X98-9371
Baja Motorsports: X250-192
PZ30 Carburetor with 30 mm Intake & Hand Choke for 150cc, 200cc, & 250cc ATVs & Dirt Bikes
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Product Features
  • Select with or without filter options
  • 30 mm engine side intake
  • 44 mm filter side intake
  • 48 mm hole spacing
  • Left-side manual choke
  • 30 mm engine-side intake provides more fuel/air mix for bigger engines
  • Compatible with a wide range of ATV, dirt bike, go-kart, diit bike, & scooter models
  • Warranty: 30 Days
  • Description
    The PZ30 carburetor for 150cc, 200cc, and 250cc engines is the real workhorse of powersports carbs. The 30 mm engine-side opening provides a much greater fuel/air mixture to the engines, hence more horsepower for that larger displacement 150cc to 250cc models. This popular carburetor sports a left-side manual choke and is compatible with a very a wide range of scooters, dirt bikes, go-karts, pit bikes, and ATVs including the Baja Xmoto Extreme X250 dirt bike and many others.

    A carb is like a powersports engine's lungs, and quality parts like these ensure a better ride. Because a carburetor works best when the air that flows into it is clean, we offer this fine PZ30 carb with or without a matching filter to keep the dust and crud out. Whether you only need the carb or if you prefer the carb & filter combo, we are sure that our easily-installed PZ30 carburetor will enhance your engine's performance. The PZ30 carburetor is compatible with a wide range of 150cc through 250cc ATVs, dirt bikes, dune buggies, go-karts, pit bikes, and other off-road powersports machines. All in all, our PZ30 carb with a 30 mm intake for 150cc to 250cc engines is an essential but surprisingly affordable replacement. Your engine will thank you.

    Which PZ carburetor do I need?
    If you are bewildered by the carburetor choices you are not alone. The PZ series carbs are very similar, often sharing the same external physical dimensions, including a common 48 mm mounting hole spacing. The only real difference is in the diameter of the engine-side intake; the PZ19 uses a 19 mm opening,the PZ22 measures a nominal 22 mm, the PZ27 uses 27 mm, while the PZ30 --you guessed it-- sports a 30 mm intake. All of these carburetors can be used on engines from 50cc up to 200cc but your performance will depend on selecting the best one for your engine size.

    So which is right for your machine? In general, the PZ19 is more common on 50cc, 70cc, and 90cc engines as these require a bit less power than their larger cousins. The PZ22 is a better choice if your engine is in the 110cc to 125cc class simply because it takes a larger dose of the gas/air mix to run the larger engine at peak performance. The PZ27 is made for engines of 125cc up to 200cc displacement, the PZ30 fits engines from 150cc to 250cc and so forth. Although the larger PZ series carburetors provide more power, they come at the cost of greater fuel consumption.
    Carburetor Specifications:
    Engine sizes: 150cc; 200 cc; 250cc
    Engine intake inner diameter: 30 mm
    Air intake outer diameter: 44.5 mm
    Air intake inner diameter: 38 mm
    Overall depth: 8 cm
    Overall width: 8 cm
    Overall height: 16 cm
    Mounting hole distance: 48 mm
    Mounting holes diameter 6 mm
    Choke: Manual
    Choke location: Left
    Fuel line inner diameter: 4 mm
    Fuel shutoff: No

    Filter Specifications:
    Height: 81 mm
    Top diameter: 50 mm
    Rubber intake inner diameter: 44 mm
    Rubber intake outer diameter: 56 mm