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6x1.25 Pneumatic Tire
$ 9 99
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We offer scooter tires for all makes and models of electric and gas scooters. Many tread pattern scooter tires are available, including solid no-flat and premium quality electric scooter tires for many applications.

Monster Scooter Parts has scooter tires direct from the top tire factories, including Currie, Innova, Qind, Qing Da, and Razor. Many electric scooter tires are also compatible with gas scooters, including the popular 3.00-4 motor scooter tires used by almost all scooter manufacturers.

1: If an "x" separates the 1st set of numbers, the 1st number is the outside diameter on all scooter tires and the 2nd number is the overall width. If a third number is used, that number represents the inside tire diameter, or the outside diameter of the rim.

2: If a "/" separates the 1st set of numbers, the 1st number is the overall width of the tire and the 2nd number identifies the section height. This is the measurement from the crown to the bead of the tire. The last number is the rim diameter. The overall diameter of the tire is D + D + C. For example, a 4.10/3.50-4 tire's overall diameter is 11" (3.5 + 3.5 + 4). Some sizes omit the tire width measurement completely, such as a 3.00-4 tire. In this example, the "3.00" is the measure of the section height and the "4" is the rim diameter, or the inside diameter of the tire.