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GMA Glass Fuses
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1 Amp GMA Glass Fuse
$ 0 49
3 Amp GMA Glass Fuse
$ 0 99
5 Amp GMA Glass Fuse
$ 0 49
10 Amp GMA Glass Fuse
$ 0 49
30 Amp GMA Glass Fuse
$ 0 79
Displaying 1-5 of 5 Items
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The diminutive GMA glass fuse has become a standard in the electronics industry due to its fast blow safety in a very small package. Also generically known as a Bussmann fuse after the most notable manufacturer, these little general purpose fuses are found in many high-power battery chargers and cigarette lighter outlet adaptors.

Monster Scooter Parts carries all of the common sizes used with today's mobility scooter battery charger models. And at our low price, you may want to stock up.

All GMA fuses have common dimensions of 3/16" x 3/4" (5mm x 20mm).