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XLR Battery Chargers
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Displaying 1-18 of 18 Items
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Monster Scooter Parts carries a broad selection of the XLR connector 24 volt scooter charger or 36 volt scooter charger models, in several levels of quality and amperage. If your scooter uses a 24 or 36V charger with a XLR connector, we probably have the exact charger that you need.

A Standard quality 24 volt scooter charger is probably fine for the needs of many recreational scooters, as would also be a Standard 36 volt charger. Because of the higher requirements essential to the daily use of many mobility scooters, a Premium 24 or 36V charger may be appropriate.

Very similar to the connectors used in audio and home theater applications, the XLR connector is regarded as one of the more durable connectors used on electric scooters and is used on high quality electric recreational and mobility scooters.

Please check the compatibility lists on the specific charger pages for additional information.