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  • All-in-One & Direct Connect Chargers
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    Displaying 1-6 of 6 Items
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    Direct connect chargers are designed to connect directly to your scooter's battery terminals. We have 12 volt trickle chargers compatible with all sealed lead acid scooter batteries to keep your recreational scooter or ATV charged and ready to go. Our scooter charger models feature multi-stage charging circuits designed to quickly get your batteries up to proper voltage levels, and then safely keep the battery fully charged. You can also use 12 volt direct connect chargers to trickle charge spare loose 12 volt batteries.

    We feature scooter charger models from Universal Power Group with a wide range of output amperages. UPG has a long history of quality products in the mobility and powersports industry, so you can trust UPG 12 volt trickle chargers to reliably keep your batteries in their best condition.

    When most people think of battery chargers, it is probably the familiar direct connect charger that come to mind. Let Monster Scooter Parts keep you going with one of our top-quality trickle and jump start direct connect chargers.