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3-Prong Battery Chargers
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Displaying 1-11 of 11 Items
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Monster Scooter Parts carries 3-prong battery chargers in all of the popular sizes from 12V to 60V. Our 24V scooter charger and 36V scooter charger units come in both Standard and Premium models. The 24V models are used on the greater number of electric scooter brands and models.

Equally important as plug style, a scooter's voltage and amperage requirements determine the correct charger. A scooter's 24V scooter charger will be in one of several different amperage ratings depending on the brand and model; the same for 36V scooter chargers. There is unfortunately no 'one size fits all' 24V charger that is compatible for all electric scooters.

It would be practically impossible to list every electric scooter with its proper charger, so please consult our FAQ section regarding this subject for advice on selecting the proper size scooter battery charger:

Scooter Charger Selection FAQ