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  • Body Panels & Fenders
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    Deck for IZIP I-200 and Schwinn S200
    $ 14 95
    Price Reduced
    Front Fender for Baja Dirt Runner (DR90)
    $ 21 99
    Front Fender for Baja Dune (DN250)
    $ 16 49
    Black Deck with Kicktail for eZip 400
    $ 22 99
    Red Deck for Schwinn S500
    $ 25 99
    Red Kicktail for Schwinn S500
    $ 25 99
    Displaying 1-46 of 46 Items
    1 - 1
    Recreational scooters are meant to be fun, and scooter body panels and fenders seldom remain in perfect cosmetic condition for very long. If you need a set of replacement Baja fenders or Bladez deck plates, then look no further. Monster Scooter Parts carries a truly humongous stock of Baja, Bladez, eZip, IZIP, and Razor scooter body panels, plates, decks, fenders, and fairings.

    If you are looking for Razor Pocket Mod parts, we stock these replacement items in all of the myriad colors and decal designs for these great little scooters. We are also one of the very last available sources for those hard to find Minimoto parts.

    So whether you need a pair of Baja fenders for your hard-ridden Doodlebug, Currie or Bladez deck plates, or even a long-lost Minimoto windshield, Monster Scooter Parts is your very best source for replacement recreational scooter body panels and other parts.