Lights for Recreational Scooters
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Inverted Heart Bike Tail Light
$ 6 99
Mini USB LED Flashlight (Multiple Colors)
$ 3 99
Price Reduced
32 LED Flowering Bike Spoke Light
$ 17 99
Flashing Valve Stem Cap
$ 6 99
Displaying 1-25 of 25 Items
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Accessory lights for scooters are more than just a visual flair. A spinning, flashing valve cap light, or a whirling, revolving spoke light provide an additional edge of safety for any rider in low light conditions. A very popular scooter accessory is our Firefly bike light (a kind of valve cap light that screws into the inner tube's Schrader valve) delights kids and adults alike, and makes the rider very noticeable while riding when the sun goes down.

Monster Scooter Parts offers our customers a number of these accessory light models to easily mount on your handlebar, frame, inner tube valves, or spokes. In addition we also carry handlebar mounted flashlights, clip-on blinkers, and more. Look through our list of add-on scooter lights below to find just the right the flashing Lightning Bug, spinning Firefly bike light, or revolving spoke light that suits your style in scooter accessory lights.