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Pulse Charger Scooter Parts
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The Pulse Charger is Pulse's most popular electric scooter model with many thousands being sold. The Pulse Charger was made in both a belt drive, and a chain drive configuration. Differences include the rear wheel assembly and motor sprockets, with most other parts being common to both versions, so please be sure of your version before ordering.

It is equipped with a 24 volt Pulse Charger battery pack (two 12 volt 5 Ah batteries), and a 24 volt 0.5 amp coaxial battery charger. It can accommodate drive belts with overall lengths from 381 mm to 393 mm. The OEM belt is 384 mm long (or 384-3M/12), but all 3M/12 belts in the 381 mm to 393 mm range will fit.