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  • Universal Throttle Pot Torsion Spring
    Item: X98-1225
    PaceSaver: S13585
    Pride Mobility: INDPART1993
    Shoprider: 206106-88100
    Universal Throttle Pot Torsion Spring
    All Images © 2017 Monster Scooter Parts
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    Product Features
  • Two styles
  • Economical replacement
  • Easy installation
  • Essential for proper throttle function
  • Warranty: 30 Days
  • Description
    Here is a very handy item; a torsion spring for the throttle potentiometers on most mobility scooters.

    Very often a loose or "sprung" pot spring will seriously effect your scooter's behavior. If your scooter creeps forward or backward with no push of the lever, then a worn-out spring is very often the culprit. If your "wig-wag" lever just feels loose, sloppy, or creepy, then you probably don't need a whole new throttle pot, you just need a new torsion spring.

    Although their housings and mountings may look very different, a majority of mobility scooters use functionally similar throttle pots, and their springs can be roughly divided into two distinct styles. Monster Scooter Parts lets you select which style is correct for your throttle pot. So now there isn't much need in ordering an entire throttle potentiometer assembly when all you need is a cheap and simple spring!

    Please note that these torsion springs will fit a very wide range of throttle potentiometers of many brands and models. Look carefully at the photographs, and compare your spring with the dimensions listed below and on the Specs tab before ordering.

    Style A
    Our Style A spring is found on many scooters made or marketed by Pride Mobility, however it will not work on those Pride throttle pots made by Curtis. It is also found on many ActiveCare, Drive Medical, Invacare, Rascal, Shoprider, and other brands.

    Inside diameter: 7/16" (11 mm)
    "Leg" length: 7/16" (11 mm)
    Span between ends: 3/8" ( 10 mm)

    Style B
    The Style B spring is found just as often (if not even more often) as our "A" model spring. It has been used by most mobility brands.

    Inside diameter:1/2" (13 mm)
    "Leg" length: 3/8" (10 mm)
    Span between ends: 1/8" (3 - 4 mm)

    Please note that most mobility brands have used both style springs. The best way to determine compatibility is to match your old throttle spring with the photos and measurements above.
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    Product Reviews
    5 out of 5 stars based on 2 reviews:
    from Sammie P5/15/17
    It's a spring, it's doing what it's supposed to.
    from Ruth J4/15/17