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  • Brakes for 50cc, 125cc, 150cc & 250cc Scooters
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    Brake Pads for Honda Helix (CN250) 1986-1987
    $ 29 95
    Price Reduced
    Rear Brake Pads for GY6 150 Scooters
    $ 17 95
    Price Reduced
    220 mm Brake Disc for GY6 Scooters
    $ 90 99
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    The importance of having properly maintained scooter brakes cannot be overstated. Just like the brakes on any vehicle, a scooter brake becomes more worn with every use and sooner or later your scooter brake parts will need replacing.

    Just as most currently imported Chinese-made scooters use the common GY6 or QMB139 engine, most street scooter brakes for these scooters are of three very similar designs. As a result, scooter brake parts are usually interchangeable with a large number of brand name or generic makes and models.

    Monster Scooter Parts sells brake shoes, brake pads, and other scooter brake parts usable on a wide number of scooters. Replacement parts for scooter brakes are not expensive, but damage and injuries caused by worn scooter brakes will always be too costly.