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Spark Plugs
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Displaying 1-17 of 17 Items
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Is it time to replace your scooter spark plug? Monster Scooter Parts stocks KYMCO spark plugs, as well as 2 and 4-stroke Baccio, Genuine, and Honda Honda scooter spark plug types from NGK, a world leader in spark plug technology.

For scooterists with an unabated love of classic Euroscooters from back in the Golden Age of Scooterdom, Monster Scooter Parts also offers perfect replacement sparkers for vintage Lambretta and Vespa motor scooter models. When you have spent time and love in the restoration and maintenance of these beautiful 20th century monuments of mechanical engineering, you may as well use the very best spark plugs available.

The scooter spark plug is a vital part of the scooter's operating system, and one that will occasionally need replacement. Our top-quality spark plugs are inexpensive and should be replaced whenever a visual inspection reveals them to be corroded, damaged or worn.

A fresh KYMCO or Honda scooter spark plug might be just the ticket to keep your scooter running at its very best. Please look through our list of scooter spark plug items to find the correct one for your machine. If you do not see just the scooter spark plug that you need, then call or email us with your requirements and we will try and locate one for you. With our global network of scooter parts manufacturers, we can often find that missing 2 or 4-stroke, Honda, KYMCO, or vintage scooter spark plug that you have searched for.

Note: If you are a bit confused about spark plug codes, click here to read NGK's Code Guide in PDF form.