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Standard (Non-Aramid/Kevlar®) Street Scooter CVT Belts
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805-18-28 Gates Powerlink Scooter CVT Belt
$ 28 95
Price Reduced
750-19.5-28 125cc Scooter CVT Belt
$ 37 99
799-19-28 150cc Scooter CVT Belt
$ 22 99
821-20-30 Scooter CVT Belt
$ 37 99
Displaying 1-28 of 28 Items
1 - 1
Standard (non-aramid/Kevlar®) CVT belts are made of OEM-quality or better materials. We offer many sizes and grades to fit your needs. Don't let a slipping or broken belt slow you down, replace your CVT belt today. Order two and carry one as a spare.

These CVT belts are used on a wide range of products, not just street scooters. Also used on some 4-stroke automatic ATVs, dirt bikes, and go karts.