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Displaying 1-6 of 6 Items
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A good scooter windshield, (also called a scooter windscreen), is one of the most beneficial of all scooter accessories. Scooter windscreens help to negate that "wall of wind" resistance that would normally press directly against the rider's chest. A scooter windshield redirects the windflow over the rider, improving the aerodynamics, and that in turn results in better MPGs, acceleration and top speed. Properly mounted scooter windscreens enhance the slipstream effect and may actually give the rider a bit of forward push, similar to riding behind a big 18-wheeler.

In addition to the wind resistance factor, a scooter windscreen helps to keep water and road grit like tossed up pebbles and flying insects away from the scooter rider's face. No one enjoys meeting bugs close up & personal at 30 to 60 MPH! If these safety and comfort benefits weren't enough, there is simply something aesthetically classic about a scooter sporting a windshield.

By the way; no self-respecting scooter with a new windshield is complete without a new set of grips and mirrors.