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  • Ignition Coils
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    Displaying 1-19 of 19 Items
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    Gas Scooter Ignition Coils

    A properly functioning scooter ignition coil is a must-have on today's scooters. An ignition coil for scooters may be smaller in size than the one in your family car, but it does the same necessary job of turning a 12 volt battery charge into enough electrical energy to fire the cylinder.

    Monster Scooter Parts carries scooter coils for street-legal motor scooters from 50cc to 150cc using the common GY6 4-stroke engine. Most current brand name and generic Chinese-made scooters use the same scooter ignition coil. If you need an ignition coil for scooters like the Vespa classics, we have a selection of those scooter coils as well.