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Michelin 3.00-10 S83 Retro Scooter Tire
$ 52 99
Price Reduced
Shinko 3.50-10 White Wall Scooter Tire
$ 49 99
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Displaying 1-62 of 62 Items
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Please select your scooter tire from the categories of motor scooter tires below. Monster Scooter Parts offers both tubed and tubeless scooter tires in a number of popular rim sizes.

As the price of fuel continues to be unstable (even on those rare days when it isn't rising) more people are discovering the street scooter as an affordable and dependable mode of personal transportation. No longer just an icon of European art films, these small wheeled motor scooters have now become familiar to the modern urban commuter in almost every country on the globe. Every day, these little wheels carry a big load.

Many of the older tubed scooter tire were made for a 6" or 10" rim. Though the 10" is still very popular today, its place has been joined by the larger 12" and 13" rims on the modern tubeless scooter tire models. Although comparitively scarce by over-all scooter production numbers, a few models of European made scooters used the esoteric 14" and 15" tire sizes. Additionally, 16" and 17" rim models are found on a few popular current and classic scooter models.