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Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Scooter Batteries
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Displaying 1-13 of 13 Items
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Lightweight Lithium iron (LiFePO4) scooter batteries have become a popular alternative to traditional sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. The LiFePO4 battery is a light weight and compact bundle of electricity offers the rider an extra long cycle life that is a full five times more than that you could ever expect from SLA ATV batteries, and at only 1/5th the weight. In addition, a LiFePO4 battery is extremely safe; unaffected by the over-heating and risk of fire or explosion that was a concern with the earlier Lithium-ion batteries.

Monster Scooter Parts offers a good selection of Lithium iron scooter batteries that are perfect for cranking the starters on street legal motor scooters, whether vintage classics or post-modern models. In addition, these scooter batteries work just as well on off-road dirt bikes and ATVs.